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Hi, I'm Sarah

I know that one of the biggest barriers many parents face to easier, healthier mealtimes, is their child's resistance to eating new and varied foods. 

You'd love to make the same, healthy meal for everyone in your family. And you know what you should be eating as part of a healthy diet. But when life (or your child!) has other plans, then what?


I get it - I've been there. I know you probably feel stuck between easy, but unhealthy food choices (and the guilt that comes with them) - and an exhausting struggle to get your child to eat different, healthier foods.


This is why I started the Family Mealtime Revolution - to help parents break the guilt-struggle meal cycle for good. I'm here to give you the expert support you've been missing to take back control of family food, so that eating well becomes easy - and enjoyable - for you and your child. 

Sarah founder feel better families healt

- Hana, Mother of one

 "Sarah is extremely knowledgeable and also very pleasant and compassionate. She has been incredibly supportive and without her help I would have struggled dealing with my current situation."

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