I'm Sarah, and I help parents make mealtimes better - even if they have a fussy eater in the family 

I want parents to live life without mealtime battles, making multiple meals to cater to individual preferences, or feeling guilty and worried about nutrition.

And I know that with the right strategies, children can learn to eat a more balanced and varied diet, and to enjoy trying new foods - you'll be amazed at the progress we can make together.

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Discover 5 Steps To Easier Family Mealtimes

Go from making multiple meals to making one meal for the whole family
- without battles and even if your child is a fussy eater

Your child's diet is worrying you - and their refusal to try something different is probably driving you crazy too!

You know that your child is not eating as well as you'd like, and you'd love their diet to be more nutritious. But it's such hard work to make any changes. And even when you try your best, the changes just don't stick. 

In fact, you probably feel like you've tried everything: threats and bribes, punishments and rewards, praise and ignoring. You may have shouted, pleaded or tried leaving your child to go hungry. You've probably gone to great lengths to find food your child likes, to make them special meals, or to 'hide' vegetables. All the while, hoping they'll 'grow out of it', and that one day they will just start eating the way you'd like them to eat.

How I help parents with their children's eating

There are often three main reasons you can feel like you have tried every strategy available, but gotten nowhere:

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1 - You have been given random, anecdotal advice, not an evidence-based, strategic approach suited to your child's particular needs.

2 - You have had no support with implementing any of the strategies you have tried so you are never sure whether you are doing the right thing.

3 - You have been focusing on the food your child eats (or doesn't!), not their underlying feelings and attitudes towards food.

The Mealtime Revolution solves this for you – it gives you the best, evidence-based strategies and teaches you how to implement them with your child.


At the same time, I've got your back. I know the things that can trip you up along the way - the emotional, mindset and behaviour-change stuff - and that's there for you too, setting you up for success.

You're in safe hands

I’m a fully insured and certified Health Coach and a full member of the UK Health Coaches Association. I have an Ofqual recognised Diploma (level 4) in Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching.


I am also an associate member of the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine and the International Academy of Nutrition Educators.

I have specialist, certified training in child feeding from the Ellyn Satter Institute, and a parenting qualification from the NHS evidence-based programme, Empowering Parents, Empowering Communities. 


I’ve trained in Intuitive Eating with the London Centre for Intuitive Eating, in Action and Commitment Therapy (ACT) with Russ Harris and in Mindful Self Compassion with the Centre for Mindful Self Compassion - because as well as helping with your child's eating, I also want to give you, the parent, the best support I can.

I understand how you're feeling - I've been there

My daughter started to become fussy about food at around 18 months. She wasn't enthusiastic about the food I made, took ages to eat, started to refuse foods she'd previously eaten, and picked through sauces for anything suspicious. I got worried and frustrated, spent ages feeding her, was constantly encouraging her to eat more, and to eat food that I wanted her to eat - but that she didn't. Mealtimes weren't much fun for either of us. For years.


16 years later, my daughter loves eating, has a healthy relationship with food and eats a balanced, varied and nutritious diet.


But I now know that our mealtime struggles needn't have happened and that my strategies were mainly ineffective. I'm certain (because she's told me!) that I could have made her experience of eating much more enjoyable - as well as saving myself unnecessary stress, frustration and wasted time.

What I've found out through my training and experience is that there are proven ways parents can help their children to eat well, but we are not given good help or advice when it matters most. In fact, more often than not, the (otherwise wonderful) health professionals that parents have access to, just aren't trained to help with children's eating.

Taking control of family meals

I know from personal and professional experience that parents can change their child's attitude to new and more varied food.


And once a child's attitude changes, everything changes. The mealtime battles go and the resistance to everyone eating the same meal dissolves. 


So if you know that your child's diet could be better, and you want mealtimes to be easier and more enjoyable, you’ve come to the right place.  


With my proven strategies and expert support, you can open your child's mind to eating different, more varied food, transforming not only what they eat, but also what it's like to feed them. 

Eating a Meal

Want to get to know me a bit better? 

I live with my two teenage daughters, husband and Mochi, our cat.


I spent most of my career as a behaviour-change researcher. But over time I started to want a more hands-on way of using my behaviour-change expertise. So when a friend of my daughter asked for a photo of her packed lunch to show her mum and request the same, it got me thinking about how I might be able to help other parents who were also facing mealtime challenges (after I'd stopped wincing at how annoying that mum must have found me!). 


The idea for Feel Better Families was born, and ever since it has been my pleasure and my privilege to give parents effective support in making their mealtimes better - even if they have a fussy eater in the family.

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