I'm Sarah, and I help parents transform their children's fussy eating

I want parents and children to be able to live life without mealtime battles, worry and frustration over fussy eating.
Children can learn to eat a more balanced and varied diet, and to enjoy trying new foods - you'll be amazed at the progress we can make together.
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Cut through uncertainty about what to do for the best, and make a start on solving your child's picky eating puzzle today with my free guide.

Your child's pickiness is probably driving you crazy - and it's most likely worrying you too


You'll know that they are not eating well, and you'd love their diet to be more nutritious. And then there are the social situations, where it's all too easy to feel judged - you might even have been on the receiving end of advice about what you're 'doing wrong' when it comes to your child's eating. All in all, mealtimes may feel like a daily shot of mum-guilt. 

And this will feel far from fair. You've been bending over backwards to get your child to eat.


In fact, you probably feel like you've tried everything: threats and bribes, punishments and rewards, praise and ignoring. You may have shouted, pleaded or tried leaving your child to go hungry. You've probably gone to great lengths to find food your child likes, to make them special meals, or to 'hide' vegetables.


You might even have visited your doctor about it - only to be told not to worry, 'it's just a phase', or that it's not bad enough to get a referral. 

How I help parents of fussy eaters

There are often 2 main reasons you can feel like you've tried every strategy available, but gotten nowhere:

1 - You've been given random advice, not an evidence-based, strategic approach suited to your child's particular needs

2 - You've had no support with implementing any of the strategies you've tried so you're never sure whether you're doing the right thing


My approach solves this for you – I've put together the best, evidence-based strategies and I teach you how to implement them with your child.


At the same time, I've got your back. I know the things that can trip you up along the way - the emotional, mindset and behaviour-change stuff - and that's there for you too, setting you up for success.

You're in safe hands

I’m a fully insured and certified Health Coach and a full member of the UK Health Coaches Association. I have an Ofqual recognised Diploma (level 4) in Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching.

I also have specialist, certified training in child feeding from the Ellyn Satter Institute, and a parenting qualification from the NHS evidence-based programme Empowering Parents, Empowering Communities.


I’ve trained in Intuitive Eating with the London Centre for Intuitive Eating, in Action and Commitment Therapy (ACT) with Russ Harris and in Mindful Self Compassion with the Centre for Mindful Self Compassion - because I know that fussy eating can be really hard on parents, and as well as helping with your child's eating I also want to give you, the parent, the best support I can.

I understand how you're feeling - I've been on my own 'feeding rollercoaster'

My eldest daughter was born on the 9th centile and I was constantly anxious about her weight, and always at the clinic getting her checked out. This lasted the whole time she was breastfed- and not only was her weight a worry, she was often pretty cranky and unsettled most of the time too.

But introducing solids was a different story. Her weight improved, as did her sleep and mood. Her first sentence was actually ‘more pork pie’ (don’t judge me!). It turned out that she LOVED food - that is until she hit the 18-month mark and everything started to change. Overnight she seemed to become a fussy eater.


Having been through a worrying time with her weight already, I was determined to get her eating back on track.


And, pretty miraculously, looking back on it, we managed it. There's a lot I would do differently now, and I think I had luck on my side in many respects. But I somehow did enough of what I now know is 'best practice' to get us both through.


That said, I'm sure my daughter's fussy eating lasted far longer than it could have done, and I'm certain (because she's told me!) that I could have made her experience of eating during that time much more enjoyable - as well as saving myself unnecessary stress, frustration and wasted time.


I also started to notice how many other parents were struggling like I was - and how many were far less lucky than I turned out to be.


What I've found out through my training and experience is that there are many ways parents can help their children with eating challenges, but we're not given the help or advice we need when it matters most. So we're left to rely on luck, which just isn't good enough.

Taking control of your child's eating

My children are teenagers now, and they both have many friends who have never grown out of their fussy eating. Statistics bear this out - research shows that only around 1 in 3 fussy eaters are likely to 'outgrow' their fussy eating by age 10 without help.


I feel incredibly lucky with how things turned out for me and my children. They are both adventurous eaters, with healthy relationships with food and healthy diets.  I have also enjoyed countless meals with them. In fact, family meals are (generally speaking!) one of the great joys of my life.


So if you know that your life, and your child’s life, would be better without fussy eating, you’ve come to the right place.  With the right strategies and support, fussy eating can improve - often dramatically.

Want to get to know me a bit better? 

I live with my husband, two teenage daughters and Mochi, our cat.


I spent two years teaching English in Japan after I graduated from Cambridge with a degree in History and no idea what I wanted to do with my life (who saw that coming??). When I felt like I couldn't dodge the career decision any more, I plumped for law, qualified (unhappily) as a solicitor, and immediately left to take a masters degree. After that I spent most of my career (happily) as a behaviour change researcher.


At the tender age of 46, I'd fallen out of love with my job, and realised I needed to make a change. And so when a friend of my daughter's asked for a photo of her packed lunch so she could get her mum to make her the same thing, this seemed as good a sign as any that I should put my passion for children's eating to better use (after I'd recovered from my initial reaction of thinking how annoying that mum must have found me!).


I've never looked back. I feel privileged to do what I do and I feel like I have the best job in the world.

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