Reset your child's brain for food freedom 

Help your child to eat a more varied and balanced diet - without mealtime battles. And set them up for a lifelong healthy relationship with food. 

The chances are you've spent a lot of time and effort trying to get your child to eat. You've probably tried every trick you can think of to get them to eat something new, or healthier. You may even have given up serving them new foods at all, because it's just too upsetting.


You see other children who are happily eating all sorts of foods and hear other parents talking about how healthy their children's diets are. 

Perhaps you even asked your doctor for help, only to be told that there's nothing they can do and that you should just wait for your child to grow out of it. 

But the truth is, 2 out of 3 fussy eaters are still fussy eaters by age 10 - and some actually become more fussy over time. So simply waiting without taking steps to teach your child to eat well, is a strategy that backfires more often than not. 

Your child's eating is worrying you - and at the same time probably driving you crazy too. You can't understand why they're the way they are and you don't know how to help them change.

Feeling like this means it's easy to beat yourself up and question your parenting skills. I've been there, and I get it. And I can tell you that it's not your fault.




But the longer you leave your child's eating as it is, the more of your time and emotional energy it's taking up.


And the more opportunities your child is missing to try new food, and to eat a balanced and varied diet.

Despite what you might have tried already, or what you might have been told, there are techniques that actually do improve fussy eating.


  1. identify your child's food preferences and what's behind them

  2. put a tailor-made action plan in place to change their food behaviours and mindset 

  3. work consistently and effectively towards long-term change for you and your child


The fact that you're reading this means that you're looking for something better for your child - and for you. And you've found it.

It starts here.

Introducing the Freedom From Fussy Eating Programme

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A 16 week programme that will transform your child's relationship with food - and your relationship with feeding your child

- Learn evidence-based techniques so that you can solve your child's fussy eating puzzle
Find out how to help your child eat a more varied and balanced diet and make mealtime battles and anxiety over nutrition a thing of the past

​You will discover -

  • The secret to adding variety into your child's diet without tantrums, meltdowns or standoffs

  • How to deepen connection with your child at mealtimes and enjoy food together

  • The quickest ways to help your child develop a healthy relationship with food

  • Smart and effective short-cuts to get your child comfortable with new foods

  • The truth about what makes some foods more palatable to children than others - and how to use this to your advantage

What other parents say

- Jo, mum of two

"I didn't think Josh's eating was ever going to get better. You name it, I'd tried it...When I look back to before I started working with Sarah, Josh is like a different child at meals now. I mean, he actually serves himself vegetables!"

Here's what you'll get inside Freedom From Fussy Eating

Part 1 - Solving your child's eating puzzle
  • Learn the one fundamental truth about any child's eating that parents are never usually told

  • Change how you see your role and responsibilities when it comes to your child's eating, so that you can transform mealtime stress and reduce anxiety

  • Learn the common causes of fussy eating and identify strategies to meet your child's specific needs

  • Make sure you've ruled out anything that could be sabotaging your best efforts to feed your child a varied and balanced diet


Part 2 - Boundaries without battles
  • How to set effective boundaries around food so that you can reduce your child's anxiety and their desire to act out at mealtimes

  • Overcome obstacles to making the changes you want to make

  • The secrets to deepening your connection with your child at mealtimes so that they actually want to cooperate with you

  • Find out what else could be going on away from the table that might be negatively impacting your child's eating - and what to do about it

  • Getting spouses, partners and other children on board to speed up your picky eater's success


Part 3 - Become your child's eating tutor
  • Understand how we learn to eat so that you can support your child's learning around food

  • Discover effective sensory strategies designed to help children accept a wider variety of foods

  • Get effective techniques to accelerate your child's rate of learning and help them introduce new foods into their diet faster

  • Develop your child's unique 'eating curriculum' to move them successfully on from foods they eat now to new foods

  • Access recipes and food ideas to support your child's progress


Part 4 - Nutrition and meal planning 101
  • Understand the basics of childhood nutrition

  • Put any undue anxiety over nutrition to one side and feel confident that you know when you're meeting your child's basic needs

  • Understand the truth about common nutrition problems and how to solve them

  • Learn quick and easy meal-planning that supports all the strategies you've learned on the course

  • Discover how to make your new strategies stick and succeed - and work for all the family

Food puzzle ingredients diet creative ab
Healthy breakfast of yogurt and berries.

How much to join?

I bet this is an expense you never thought you'd have. You would have budgeted for the cost of a pram (£637 average in the UK) or a baby clothes (£997 average in the first year). Maybe baby and toddler classes or afterschool clubs were in the budget - or perhaps music lessons (around £400 a term on average).


Compared with these other expenses, Freedom From Fussy Eating is a small investment in your child that will pay back priceless dividends in health and happiness for the rest of their life. It will also have significant benefits for you too, for your time, your enjoyment of eating with your child, and your sanity around family mealtimes. It can even have positive effects on your relationship with your child more generally.

For little more than a term's worth of piano lessons, or less than half the cost of the first year of baby clothes, you can help your child to develop a lifelong healthy relationship with food.


With this programme you can learn how to teach your child to accept new foods and to eat a more varied and balanced diet - without conflict, meltdowns or tantrums.


You can help them feel relaxed around food and to enjoy eating socially.


And you can nurture their ability to respect their own hunger and fullness cues and help them to grow into competent and resilient eaters, who know how to eat well - whatever life throws at them. 

You can join the 1:1 coaching programme for four installments of £137, monthly. Or a one-off payment of £497.


Please book a free discovery call or email me at with any questions you have - or buy now. 

Get Freedom From Fussy Eating for a one-off payment of £497
Get Freedom From Fussy Eating for 4 payments of £137

What if you change your mind?

My aim with this programme is to help your child be the best eater they can possibly be - and to help you find mealtimes easier and more enjoyable. 

I'm confident that if you follow the advice, and implement the strategies and techniques, then you WILL see results. 

However, if after our first 1:1 session, you don't feel it's right for you, then I'll give you your money back. No quibbles, and 100% guaranteed.


Just get in touch and ask for a refund by contacting

Money back 100% guarantee. Golden icon..

Extra support included in the programme

The 4 main elements of Freedom From Fussy Eating will transform the way you approach your child's eating. But as a parent myself, I know how hard fussy eating can be to live with. And my experience with my clients has shown me that there may be extra hurdles to overcome before everyone can get the full benefits from the programme.

This is why I've created 3 additional, supportive bonus modules for you:

BONUS 1 - Self-Compassion For Parents


  • Find out how self-compassion can help with feelings of guilt or shame around your child's diet 

  • Bring a kinder, more productive perspective to your role as a parent - using both tender and fierce self-compassion

  • Includes guided meditations and strategies to help you find calm and kindness in difficult moments

Bonus 2 - Intuitive Eating For Parents


  • Learn a powerful alternative to dieting and rules-based eating that helps you make peace with food so that you can be the role-model you want to be when it comes to eating

  • Get tools to help you gauge how hungry or full you are and how to decipher when it's real hunger or something else that's driving your appetite

  • Understand 'gentle nutrition' and how it can guide a healthy diet

  • Find out how to share varied, balanced and nutritious meals with your child - without worrying about your diet

Bonus 3 - Confidence-Building For Nervous Cooks

  • Easy-to-learn principles of cooking the basics from scratch

  • Time- and waste-saving tips to give you more bang for your cooking buck

  • Think like a chef and own your prowess in the kitchen

Just to recap...

You'll get lifetime access the materials from Freedom From Fussy Eating's 4 transformational modules (value £250)

Plus you'll get

  • Email support from me between sessions to answer any questions that come up (£150 value)

  • 3 bonus modules to support you in your successful implementation of the programme (£250 value)

  • 4 x online 1:1 private coaching sessions with me (£500 value)

That's £1150 of value for the programme for a one-off payment of just £497.

You can secure your spot and pay now, book a free discovery call or drop me an email with any questions.

Get Freedom From Fussy Eating for a one-off payment of £497
Get Freedom From Fussy Eating for 4 payments of £137